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Thanksgiving Party Idea: Surviving Thanksgiving Game

November 22, 2020


How to play?


1. For every person you are forced to hug or kiss whose name you can’t remember

2. Every time someone asks “when are we going to eat?”

3. For each 10 minute interval that passes after the initially stated dinner time, before the meal actually starts

4. For each different variety of cranberry sauce present

5. Every time someone takes a third helping of turkey

6. Every time someone wonders aloud why we eat turkey and not a tastier meat

7. Every time someone unbuttons their pants

8. Every time someone falls asleep

9. Every time someone yells at the game on the TV

10. For every person that leaves the table before dinner is over

11. Every time you are locked out of the bathroom

12. For each type of pie served

13. Each time you have to awkwardly explain your single relationship status to an older relative

14. Each time a relative makes you describe your studies, job, or unemployment

15. Every time someone moans uncomfortably when standing up


FOUND: http://blog.rounds.com/thanksgiving-drinking-game/wineturkey/




Happy Thanksgiving!

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