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Baltimore Sound Schedule for November 2017

November 8, 2017

Monday’s—The Brew Pub with Lindsay @ 10pm
Tuesday’s —no shows
Wednesday’s —The Back Door With Justin @ 10pm, and Tumbleweed with Josh @ 8pm to midnight
Thursday’s—Crockett’s Lodge with Lindsay @ 10pm, (Justin filling in November 9th) 4th & Goal with Steve @ 10pm, and the Frosted Mug with Ric @ 7pm to 11pm
Friday’s —Sports Page with Justin @ 10pm, Star Port Arcade with Steve or Melissa rotating weeks @ 10pm, (November 10th, Steve, November 17th Melissa , and November 24th Steve unless there’s no show because kids will be gone ) and Classics 3 with Lindsay @ 9pm biweekly (off November 10th, on November 17th, off November 24th )
Saturday’s —Tanner’s Tavern with Melissa @ 10pm, (Steve filling in November 11th)The Frosted Mug with Gary @ 9pm on November 11th, Justin November 18th, and Gary November 25th.


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