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DubV Survival Guide: Freshman Edition / Gameday Tips

August 24, 2011

1. Your Dorm Room Is Not A Jail Cell (Meet People Socialize)

2. When Meeting New People Be Generous With Your Friendship But Stingy With Your Trust.

3. The School Uniform Is Sweat Pants, Hoodies, Shorts And A T-Shirt. Save The Dressing Up For When People Are Looking. (Hint, Hint Like When Your Going To The Clubs On The Weeknds)

4. Thanks To Jersey Shore Sunglasses Inside Are Now Acceptable So Use Them To Cover Your Bloodshot Eyes

5. There Is Nothing Sexier Than A Girl In A Wvu Jersey.

6. Find “That Kid” In Class That Will Go Everyday And Take Good Notes— You May Have To Sacrifice Yourself To Sit In The Front Row With Them, But Overall It Will Be A Good Investment, On The Days You Are Too Hungover To Go, They Will Be Your Bff.

7. Watch Those 12am Pizzas They Don’t Call It The Freshman 15 For Nothing.

8. Proofread That Paper You Wrote At 3am, Because In The Morning, It Probably Won’t Make Any Sense.

9. Take Advantage Of The Bar Specials On “Dubvnightlife.Com” They Are Guaranteed To Save You Money.

10. If You See Your Professor Out, Make Sure They Know You Saw Them Out, But Do Not Approach, And Definitely Do Not Force Them To Drink With You And Your Friends.

11. Don’t Go To The Same Bar Every Night Mix It Up.

12. Don’t Drink Things You Didn’t Pour.
13. Don’t Ask Your Drunk Friend To Watch Your Drink

14. When You Are Intoxicated, There Is No Need To Act Like You Have An Endless Supply Of Money By Buying The Whole Bar Drinks. We All Know Your As Broke As The Rest Of Us.
15. Don’t Trust Any Guys Who Say, “No, These Pictures Are Just For You And Me”.

16. Don’t Be That Lame A-Hole Who Goes To The Hospital With Alcohol Poisoning The First Week

17. Know Your Limit Please Drink Responsibly.

18. Please Remember Cops Are Always Right, Even When They Are Wrong, They Are Right.

19. Love Thy “Fat Bitch” (Sandwich)

20. The Best Hangover Cure Is Not To Drink The Night Before

21. Always Use Condoms Always, Always, Always.

22. Doritos Are Not A Food Group And There Is No Vitiman C In Orange Soda. (Lol)

# 2 – For photos, drink and say whiskey!
# 3 – Avoid a farmers tan, wear lots of sunblock.
# 4 – Spot the opponent, then make fun of their mascot
# 5 – Eat something before you drink your face off
# 6 – No passing out before the 1st half
# 7 – If you suffer from one too many, proceed to wear sunglasses
# 8 – The first down chant is, “W,V,U (clap) First Down!”, not, “Woo, Woo, Woo (clap) First Down!” Don’t be the idiot that messes it up.
# 9 – Behave only Wild & Wonderfully it is West Virginia
# 10 – Country Roads is our theme song and now its yours too.
# 11 – Tailgating starts early and ends once you have passed out on somebodies couch

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