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Just Say Now! – “Morgantown Legalize It Tour”

October 18, 2010

Students for Sensible Drug Policy is an international grassroots network of students who are working to end the destructive “War on Drugs.” We believe that drug abuse is a very real problem, but punishment and discrimination only make the problem worse.

We believe that drug abuse should be treated as a public health issue instead of a criminal justice issue, and we work to encourage sensible polices that promote a safe and healthy future, while exploring alternatives to counterproductive drug war polices.

According to High Times Magazine, WVU is the #9 school in the nation for drug policy reform activism. According to the Princeton Review, we’re #18 for marijuana use among students. And according to the Daily Beast, Morgantown is #17 of “America’s 40 Most Pot-Loving Communities.”

To put these rankings to the test, the WVU chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) is participating in the Just Say Now: Campus Challenge, a nationwide project with the goal of amplifying the voices and opinions of everyone’s favorite demographic: college students. We are collecting signatures for a massive petition in support of marijuana legalization, and we’re competing against college campuses all over the country to see who can collect the most.  By collecting these signatures, we hope to gain insight concerning public interest in marijuana reform, both in the city of Morgantown and the greater state of West Virginia.

SSDP members are extremely active in the nightlife and live music scene in Morgantown.  The Chapter will have volunteers at the following events gathering signatures for the “Just Say Now” campaign.  Look for the stickers!

Look for the SSDP  @ 123.
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For more information about upcoming shows at 123.. check out their website!  http://www.123pleasantstreet.com

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