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Morgantown Trance

September 15, 2010

DJake Tranced Ly’sickbeats –
We’re gonna create vibes.. You like clubbing? Then make sure to come to Bent Willey’s on Friday!
…Check out the sounds and that big city feel, make your way to Bent!
Bent Willey’s has multiple rooms with all different vibes.. the popular 80’s room, the Hip-Hop/Top 40 mainstream room, and now we’ll have this!! It’ll be so nice to go to one establishment and have 3 different styles of partying to choose from…

Let’s show Morgantown we can have the electronic scene just like the big cities. Bring on the electronica!

Come out on Friday night and make this a staple in Morgantown nightlife!

about trance—- DJake Ly’sick
trance is a universal religion.. all electronic music is important, but trance goes into a deeper level than sociability and str8 raging.. its a subconscious level of partying as in you are completely faced into the music… when in trance mode its important to realize that people arent there to socialize or get to know each other, they are there to be intuned with themselves on a spiritual level.. to let their own minds wonder.. the whole crowd functions as one united entity, one unit.. its unlike any other genre of EDM… trance music is a mental ride!!!!

about the mix—– (euphoria session 4) DJake Ly’sick
uplifting as always, this mix starts a little on the tech side… slung basslines is the best way to describe the first track which is a mashup of simon patterson’s (panic attack & taxi).. tech trance is extremely bass driven with very little buildups.. of course the cd breaks down into the euphoric uplifting trance we’ve all come to know and love…  names that represent this cd are simon patterson, aly & fila, sean tyas, giuseppe ottaviani, shadowrider.
Euphoria session 4 by djake Trance lysick

Video May 30, 2010 – extravaganza! 1

18 HOURS OF MUSIC! ||| Bull Run / Blue Hole – WEST VIRGINIA

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